Administrative permitting activities in town planning

Elena Voskresenskaya, Lybov Vorona-Slivinskaya, Yury Kazakov, Anton Zernov, S. Kudriavtcev, V. Murgul
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
The article is focused on current issues concerning administrative permitting activities, which are the part of administrative activity as a whole. The field of town planning involves the interests of both business entities and people living in a particular territory. Economic development demands the effective regulation in order to attract investment in the construction sector, while people's interest calls for fulfilling the principle of sustainable development of a territory. Thus, the
more » ... strative statutory regulation must on the one hand imply diminishing administrative burdens in order to provide the transparency and promptness of passing regulative procedures, and on the other hand be sufficient for ensuring the safety and appropriateness of development of a territory. Construction is one of vital and the most complicated sectors of the economy that is primarily aimed at providing people with residential property. To erect a residential building one needs high-quality communication lines, transport and social infrastructure. Construction of industrial parks, maintenance of existing industrial areas and transport infrastructure facilities and creation of new ones, providing people living in dilapidated dwellings with new residential space, housing resource renewal – these are the first key tasks for the authorities today. The circumstances mentioned above entail the demand for efficient administrative control over town planning sector. In this regard, the scientific comprehension of the term "administrative permitting activities" can raise the level of understanding all management processes running on the economy system, as well as the issues of exercising the powers conferred to executive public bodies acting in the related field.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202015704008 fatcat:phsoo74kubdvpgqj4raxbtityq