Implementation of integer programming in decision support system for operational optimize procurement of public bus transport distribution (Case study: Trans Jogja)

Diah Ayu Retnani Wulandari
2017 2017 4th International Conference on Computer Applications and Information Processing Technology (CAIPT)  
Trans Jogja is a public transportation solution for balancing between supply and demand of Jogjakarta traffic. The Arise problems such as increase of fuel, spare parts that leads to Increase in operational costs, amount of bus is not ideal Because the distribution is not in accordance with the needs, etc. The problems experienced can disturb the operational performance, so it needs the system that can reduce operational costs. One method to solve the problem is optimizing the operational cost
more » ... the fleet without reducing service. Linear programming is a method of operation research that is used as problem solving, one of the which is transportation optimization. The steps taken in this method by setting the function objectives, variables, parameters and constraints, then proceed with the design models for procurement decision makers operational modes of the bus. Variables, parameters and constraints as well as the objective function are Obtained from bus service indicators in one lane using the service indicators issued by the World Bank, 1986. The output of this research is the decision support system for operational optimize procurement of buses for Route 1A, 1B , 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B to help the distribution amount of buses in each route Effectively, efficiently and can reduce operational cost. This system there are features of the fleet amount, bus capacity, load factor, the bus interval, average speed, reserve buses, passenger number, operational cost Whose value can be changed According to the current situation then there is distribution feature amount of buses in each route so make it Easier decision makers for distribution bus.
doi:10.1109/caipt.2017.8320735 fatcat:qlqeka347jaf5cf245aibu5imi