Preparation and Characterization of Core/Shell-like Intumescent Flame Retardant and its Application in Polypropylene

Kun Wu, Lei Song, Zhengzhou Wang, Yuan Hu, Everson Kandare, Baljinder K. Kandola
2009 Journal of macromolecular science. Pure and applied chemistry (Print)  
With a shell of starch-melamine-formaldehyde (SMF) resin, core/shell-like ammonium polyphosphate (SMFAPP) is prepared by in situ polymerization, and is characterized by SEM, FTIR and XPS. The shell leads SMFAPP a high water resistance and flame retardance compared with APP in polypropylene (PP). The flame retardant action of SMFAPP and APP in PP are studied using LOI, UL 94 test and cone calorimeter, and their thermal stability is evaluated by TG. The LOI value of the PP/SMFAPP composite at the
more » ... same loading is higher than that of the PP/APP composite. UL 94 ratings of PP/SMFAPP can reach V-0 at 30 wt% loading. The flame retardant mechanism of SMFAPP was studied by dynamic FTIR, TG and cone calorimeter, etc.
doi:10.1080/10601320903004772 fatcat:p32aoblt7vad7nlnmulllvcqxa