A Case Study of Some Issues in the Optimization of Fortran 90 Array Notation

John D. McCalpin
1996 Scientific Programming  
Some issues in the relationship of coding style and compiler optimization are discussed with regard to Fortran 90 array notation. A review of several important Fortran 90 array constructs and their performance on vector and scalar hardware sets the stage for a more detailed example based on the kernel of a finite difference computational fluid dynamics model, specifically the nonlinear shallow water equations. Special attention is paid to the optimization of memory use and memory traffic. It is
more » ... shown that the style of coding interacts with the rules of Fortran 90 and the current state of the art of Fortran 90 compilers to produce a fairly wide range of performance levels. Although performance degradations are typically small, a few cases of more serious loss of effciency are identified and discussed.
doi:10.1155/1996/208679 fatcat:aetkysbwabalxhytuupnuzff4q