Design and Development of E-mail Security Protocols and Forensic Tools: A Research Proposal

M Tariq Banday
2011 unpublished
E-mail system is continuously being misused to carry out attacks in the cyberspace despite improvements in protocols and procedures underlying it. From spamming to cyber terrorism, e-mail system is being exploited every now and then. Owing to e-mail message's easy proxy, often no tangible conclusion is drawn from its forensic investigation conducted to identify its sender. New threats from e-mail date spoofing, terrorist use of e-mail, multilingual e-mail messages, etc. have raised more
more » ... raised more security considerations. E-mail has become prevalent in every way and as such constant improvements in its security, operating procedures, and forensic investigation have become a critical requirement. The purpose of this paper is to discuss proposal for conducting research in the design and development of new and improved e-mail security protocols and forensic tools. The proposal proposes conduct of research in four distinct but substantially related areas of e-mail namely: security protocols, security procedures, forensic tools and legal resolutions. Besides devising improvements in the existing protocols and procedures, the study would also lead to the design of new protocols and procedures for detection of e-mail date spoofing, filtering and forensics of terrorist e-mails, and filtering of contaminated multilingual e-mail message. The proposal begins with a brief introduction to e-mail flow and security problems in it. Next, it presents a literature review of e-mail security protocols and procedures. It later portrays the significance and objectives of the proposed study. The proposal also provides proposed methodology and work plan of the study.
doi:10.13140/rg.2.1.1569.2888 fatcat:rkc5vxfcnzenjh44ep47cf6cee