Possible Kreutz Sungrazing Comets Found in Historical Records

Ichiro Hasegawa, Syuichi Nakano
2001 Nippon Tenmon Gakkai obun kenkyu hokoku  
In historical records, twenty four candidates of possible Kreutz sungrazing comets have been found, and their times of perihelion passage estimated. Translated original records of comets with presumed ephemerides are given. Some uncertain candidates are also presented. Although already suggested by Marsden (1967, Astron. Jahresber. 67.9133), our calculations on the motions of comets 1882 R1 and 1965 S1 confirm that the progenitor of these comets is a comet that appeared in 1106; some trials on
more » ... he linkage of sungrazing comets are discussed. The original record gives the "second" month, but there is no gui-si (30) day in the second month. It is in the first month. by guest on July 18, 2016 http://pasj.oxfordjournals.org/ Downloaded from 1753, Vervolg van de Beschryving der Staarts Sternen, p. 50, Amsterdam). Remarks: The time of observation was 1702 February 28.56 UT, and α = 1 h 28. m 5, δ = −17 • 08 (1702.0 equinox), α = 1 h 43. m 0, δ = −15 • 37 (2000.0 equinox).
doi:10.1093/pasj/53.5.931 fatcat:chwubfumjbetxp5tt5h7y4vp7y