Performance Analysis of 20 nm Pentagonal and Trapezoidal NanoWire Transistor with Si and Ge Channel

Sandeep Singh Gill, Jaidev Kaushik, Navneet Kaur
In this paper, we have analyzed the variability in the performance of Gate All Around Nanowire Field Effect Transistor (GAA NWFET) due to their cross sectional shapes, channel diameter, channel height and channel material with the aid of 3D Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) simulations. Pentagonal and trapezoidal Cross sectional shapes have been designed for Si and Ge based channel with different values of diameter and heights. The performance is evaluated in terms of I on current,
more » ... ng speed, leakage current, transfer and output characteristics, Subthreshold Swing (SS), Drain Induced Barrier Lowering (DIBL), threshold voltage (V ti) and compared with triangular NWT. After comparison, it shows that Si Pentagonal NWT structure is showing better performance i.e. high on-current, low DIBL and low SS. Ge NWT offers better leakage current.