The analysis of the effect of high-speed ammonia low-speed compressor stage on the processes of reverse expansion and suction in wet steam region
Анализ влияния быстроходности аммиачной тихоходной компрессорной ступени на процессы обратного расширения и всасывания в области влажного пара

D. Kh. Sadvakasov, Omsk State Technical University, G. I. Chernov, V. L. Yusha, Omsk State Technical University, Omsk State Technical University
2022 Omsk Scientific Bulletin Series Aviation-Rocket and Power Engineering  
The paper presents a mathematical model of combined processes of reverse expansion and suction in the wet steam region, implemented in an ammonia low-speed long-stroke reciprocating compressor stage. The mathematical model is based on the equations of the first law of thermodynamics for a body of variable mass, the equation of state of a real gas, the Clapeyron–Clausius and Newton–Richman equations; various options for implementing the methodology for calculating the heat exchange process in
more » ... working chamber of the stage are also considered. A computational and parametric analysis of the effect of the piston speed on the performance losses of the compressor stage and on the degree of dryness of ammonia at the end of the suction process is performed, taking into account the existing uncertainty factors both in terms of the choice of methods for calculating heat exchange processes and in terms of the choice of initial and initial conditions.
doi:10.25206/2588-0373-2022-6-3-49-57 fatcat:6gd2yeuiajfz5hyn24653ddxtq