Analysis of the symbol of "dove" in Nima's works

Shokrollah Tatri, Abotaleb Pakbaz, Rostam Vand, Ghobad Olad
2015 unpublished
This paper aims to review the symbol of dove in the poems of Nima. Symbol is one of the literary devices used in Iran and in the world in which a meaning beyond the literal meaning of a word is taken. Therefore, up to here, it is similar to metaphor, metonymy, allusions and sign. In symbol, there is no evidence that could lead us towards a meaning different than the original meaning. Therefore, in symbol the literal meaning of the basic symbol is also conceivable. Symbol is different than
more » ... or, allusion, and other literary devices, in which the words is said and a secondary meaning is intended.In this paper, first the literal meaning of the word "dove" is explained using valid dictionaries, then the myths about this bird is mentioned and then to find the symbolic meaning of this bird, parts of the poems of Nima, found in valid book, is reviewed and the frequency of using this word in his poems is achieved, and finally, there is a critical analysis of the poems in which dove is used symbolically, and the reason of this word being used a lot by some poets and a few times by the others is mentioned. Abstract Using the elements of nature has always been of great interest in Persian poetry. And poets have used it in many different ways, whether it is the literal meaning or their characteristics, just like this famous line: