New Mode of Harvesting Wheat

1879 Scientific American  
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, No. 198. OCTOBER 18, ] 879. tincture is made in a cleanly manner, and ca:! be allowed to I often be "rustling" by the same time to·morrow. In Pitch-I suppose that they fall from outside the solar system and have proceed automatically, as it does not requil'c a:lY attention: ing', a long four-tined wood or steel fork is used, and an I the highest possible velocity, their mass need only be Suppose two pints are going to be made. Into a measure I adroit man can
more » ... adroit man can pitch a load almost as quickly as if it were 1-150uth as great. From these and other .considerations, our about thirty ounces of spirit, then take a funnel and bound up. When the load reaches the barn, a horse fork Professor Peirce takes the view that the space outside the roosely but completely plug the narrow part with cotton descends from the roof and the load is completely removed solar sy"tem or near its limits is largely tenanted by view· wool. On this bed place the pot. iodid. and the iodine. to the mow in about three forkfuls. Some farmers have a less meteors, not hot enough to be visible even if they were Then introduce this into the measure, taking care that the horse to trample it down, so as to cause it to occupy as small of sufficient size, and that these form the chief supply of level of the spirit outside is above that of the solid ingredients a space as possible. the sun. in the funnel. It will be found that by a simple process of When thrashing time comes, the same horse fork is used Among the minor points adduced in support of this theory displacement the spirit will rise in the funnel and gradually I to "tear the wheat out of the mow," and deposit it on the was the heated condition of Jupiter and Saturn-a fact dissolve the iodine and iodide of potash. This solution, by thra�hing table, close to the thrasher. The thrashing I now generally admitted-which is ca,ily explicable if we reason of its superior specific gravity, will sillk to the bot· machine does not work equally well and equally fast as if I suppose that this condition of those planets is sustained by tom, and fresh spirit will rise to continue the operation. the grain were b sheaves, and it is claimed that cattle pre· meteoric downfalls. Astronomers in counting and mapping When the solids are completely dissolved, the remainder fer the straw somewhat mangled, than if it passes end-I the fi xed stars do not fi nd their numbers increase as rapidly of . the spirit may be added, and the tin?ture is complete wise through.tho ma?hine. Our th�ashing machine cylin-: as they should (on a theory of �qual distribution in spac�) Without any mess whate ver.-Phar maceuttcal Journal. i ders are furmshed With teeth set to mtersect each alternate when those of the smaller magmtudes are enumerated. ThIS * Paperb�� M�-Marie-D�v11/��nai de .rhyetg� �A�ii,1 67v, © 1879 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC.
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