Technology and Engineering Technology and Engineering International Journal of Recent International Journal of Recent Scientific Editors Executive Editors Advisory Chair Managing Chair Reviewer Chair Paper Title: Design and Development of Smart Rescue System for Workers in Land Mines through Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT

Smacm Mieee, Lmcsi Smiacsit
2017 Indian Science Congress Association Kolkata. and Sciences (KITS) Vinjanampadu   unpublished
The objective of this paper is to develop a wireless networked embedded system to monitor the health conditions of the worker in underground land mining, for providing immediate rescue in case of emergency. This system also provides the working Zone of the miner to speed up the rescue operation under emergency situations like landslides, equipment failure etc. and also monitor the emission of the marsh gases like methane and carbon monoxide and also monitor the temperature of the mining
more » ... the mining environment. The land miner is continuously monitored by using heartbeat sensor and fall detection techniques to provide him emergency rescue if needed. Emission parameter like CH4, CO etc. is continuously monitored by using Gas sensors, temperature monitored by temperature sensor and these values are sent to the database using ZigBee module. The ad-Hoc Wireless sensor network forms the backbone of underground communication; an intelligent mesh network is constructed to pass on the underground and miner conditions to the control room using ZigBee protocol. In the control room every worker status can be monitored through the Real-Time database application. Because of the recent advantages in the internet connectivity like IoT, every worker is connected to the IoT for remote monitoring and management operations. The interpreted data in the control room will be uploaded to the IoT to safeguard and better protect against any disastrous situations.