Homoclinic Orbits in Several Classes of Three-Dimensional Piecewise Affine Systems with Two Switching Planes

Yanli Chen, Lei Wang, Xiaosong Yang
2021 Mathematics  
The existence of homoclinic orbits or heteroclinic cycle plays a crucial role in chaos research. This paper investigates the existence of the homoclinic orbits to a saddle-focus equilibrium point in several classes of three-dimensional piecewise affine systems with two switching planes regardless of the symmetry. An analytic proof is provided using the concrete expression forms of the analytic solution, stable manifold, and unstable manifold. Meanwhile, a sufficient condition for the existence
more » ... f two homoclinic orbits is also obtained. Furthermore, two concrete piecewise affine asymmetric systems with two homoclinic orbits have been constructed successfully, demonstrating the method's effectiveness.
doi:10.3390/math9243285 fatcat:loysqedd6vaevduui5gplwc4mi