Dictionaries and Society. Book of ­Abstracts of the XX EURALEX International Congress, 12-16 July 2022, Mannheim, Germany [article]

Annette Klosa-Kückelhaus, Stefan Engelberg, Christine Möhrs, Petra Storjohann
Thomas Gloning: Ways of living, communication and the dynamics of word usage. How did German dictionaries cope with socio-cultural aspects and evolution of word usage and how could future systems do even better? Rufus Gouws: Dictionaries: bridges, dykes and sluice gates Nicola McLelland: Women in the history of lexicography -an overview, and the case of German Martina Nied Curcio: Dictionaries, foreign language learners and teachers. New challenges in the digital era Ben Zimmer: The evolving
more » ... inition of "racism" and its trail of text-artifacts Talks Andrea Abel: Wörterbücher der Zukunft in Bildungskontexten der Gegenwart -Eine Fallstudie aus dem Südtiroler Schulwesen Amparo Alcina: Representing collocations using ontologies Maria Aldea: Bien écrire, bien parler au XIX e siècle. Le rôle du dictionnaire dans l'apprentissage de la langue maternelle: Le cas du roumain Ieda Maria Alves/Bruno Maroneze: From society to neology and lexicography: relationships between morphology and dictionaries Maria Arapopoulou/Georgios Kalafikis/Dimitra Karamitsou/Efstratios Sarischoulis/Sotiris Tselikas: "Vocabula Grammatica": threading a digital Ariadne's string in the labyrinth of Ancient Greek scholarship Hauke Bartels: The long road to a historical dictionary of Lower Sorbian -towards a lexical information system Harald Bichlmeier: Almanca tuhfe / Deutsches Geschenk (1916) -oder: Wie schreibt man deutsch mit arabischen Buchstaben?
doi:10.14618/t86d-e088 fatcat:xshplfdyzjaflfybp5gqyl4ufq