Designing products and services based on understanding human cognitive behavior

2012 Synthesiology English edition  
information through GPS and optical communication [4] . The industrial technology is expected to develop the products and services that can fulfill various demands for various people, but the methodology for providing the policy for realizing what function and which service has not been established. If the product or service is already accepted in society, the improvement of the function of that technology will be the objective of the R&D, and the researcher can set the R&D scenario by applying
more » ... cenario by applying the knowledge of natural sciences involved. However, this will not generate a novel product. When conducting the technological development of a novel product, the developer comes up with an idea, the idea is reviewed, and the research is conducted under the decision that it may be accepted by the users. However, that does not necessarily result in a hit product. This is not only because the individuality of the developer and the user is different, but it is also because it is impossible to switch the viewpoint completely to the user's side when one is on the developer's side. The reason why it is difficult to imagine the actual usage situations from the developer's viewpoint is because the product and service are used in various situations, including the user him/herself, that changes in various ways. Therefore, there must be a process early in the stage of R&D to understand the actual usage situations of the person with certain personality traits, and obtain hints needed for designing the product and service for such a person. Research paper : Designing products and services based on understanding human cognitive behavior (M. AkAmAtsu et al.) −145 −
doi:10.5571/syntheng.4.144 fatcat:4dvmgcxdnjg7fkgoje3wc2k2lq