Statistical methods for deep sequencing data STATISTICAL METHODS FOR DEEP SEQUENCING DATA Title and Department ___________________________________ Date STATISTICAL METHODS FOR DEEP SEQUENCING DATA

Shihao Shen, Shihao Shen, Shihao Shen, Qing Zhou, Russ Carstens, Michael Henry, Juw Park, Zhi-Xiang Lu, Lan Lin, Kimberly Dittmar, Qin Huang
2012 unpublished
A single gene locus can produce multiple isoforms with divergent structural and functional properties in a process termed alternative splicing. Differential alternative splicing is implicated mechanistically in development, cell differentiation and disease. In some disease-driving genes, a slight shift (by as few as several percent) in the relative splice isoform proportions can trigger disease pathogenesis. RNA-Seq has become a popular and effective approach to quantify splicing events. With
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