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2021 unpublished
Interactive comment on "MIS 5e sea-level proxies in the eastern Mediterranean coastal region" by Barbara Mauz et al. General comment The paper by Mauz et al. provides an overview of sites in the eastern Mediterranean coasts where evidence of indicators of the Last Interglacial shoreline were previously published. The compilation was taken in the frame of the WALIS project -the World Atlas of Last Interglacial Shorelines and follows its protocol as supporting databases show. To my knowledge a
more » ... o my knowledge a modern compilation of LIG data from the eastern Mediterranean is lacking so the effort is welcomed. However, I found the compilation necessary but not exhaustive. I do not understand why, and the authors should explain it, much of the coasts on the northern side where regional tectonics strongly affect the present position of the LIG shoreline (Greece, Turkey), are excluded from the database. The authors state in section 4 that they C1
doi:10.5194/essd-2020-357-rc2 fatcat:dlpug7apnfbqphncvvtzvgeexe