Exact lattice supersymmetry at the quantum level for N = 2 Wess–Zumino models in 1- and 2-dimensions

Keisuke Asaka, Alessandro D'Adda, Noboru Kawamoto, Yoshi Kondo
2016 International Journal of Modern Physics A  
Supersymmetric lattice Ward-Takahashi identities are investigated perturbatively up to two-loop corrections for super doubler approach of N=2 lattice Wess-Zumino models in 1- and 2-dimensions. In this approach notorious chiral fermion doublers are treated as physical particles and momentum conservation is modified in such a way that lattice Leibniz rule is satisfied. The two major difficulties to keep exact lattice supersymmetry are overcome. This formulation defines, however, nonlocal field
more » ... , nonlocal field theory. Nevertheless we confirm that exact supersymmetry on the lattice is realized for all supercharges at the quantum level. Delicate issues of associativity are also discussed.
doi:10.1142/s0217751x16501256 fatcat:jbybjr4gonekpeas6ry65eq5ee