Nitrogen-doped 9-cell cavity performance in a test cryomodule for LCLS-II

D. Gonnella, R. Eichhorn, F. Furuta, M. Ge, D. Hall, V. Ho, G. Hoffstaetter, M. Liepe, T. O'Connell, S. Posen, P. Quigley, J. Sears (+4 others)
2015 Journal of Applied Physics  
The superconducting RF linac for LCLS-II calls for 1.3 GHz 9-cell cavities with an average intrinsic quality factor Q0 of 2.7x10^10 at 2 K and 16 MV/m accelerating gradient. Two niobium 9-cell cavities, prepared with nitrogen-doping at Fermilab, were assembled into the Cornell Horizontal Test Cryomodule (HTC) to test cavity performance in a cryomodule that is very similar to a full LCLS-II cryomodule. The cavities met LCLS-II specifications with an average quench field of 17 MV/m and an average
more » ... Q0 of 3x10^10. The sensitivity of the cavities' residual resistance to ambient magnetic field was determined to be 0.5 nOhm/mG during fast cool down. In two cool downs, a heater attached to one of the cavity beam tubes was used to induce large horizontal temperature gradients. Here we report on the results of these first tests of nitrogen-doped cavities in cryomodule, which provide critical information for the LCLS-II project.
doi:10.1063/1.4905681 fatcat:ljqlf4cfhzajja54inyvbplxka