Bioactive and Biodegradable Films Packaging Incorporated with Acca Sellowiana Extracts: Physicochemical and Antioxidant Characterization

William Gustavo Sganzerla, Bruna Branco Paes, Monia Azevedo, Jocleita Ferrareze, Cleonice G. Da Rosa, Michael Ramos Nunes, Ana Paula De Lima Veeck
2019 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
In this work a new biodegradable film was developed, and bioactive compounds from Acca sellowiana were incorporated. Film packaging production was carried out from an aqueous filmogenic solution, with a blend of Brazilian pine seeds starch, citric pectin, glycerol and aqueous extract from pulp and husk of Acca sellowiana. In all the films produced were evaluated the physicochemical and antioxidant properties. The films produced presented lower moisture content, and extracts from pulp and husk
more » ... fect the moisture content and the water solubility of the films. Evaluating the light transmittance, films with husk extract addition presented (p
doi:10.3303/cet1975075 doaj:dbec582e6a0c4909be85f3703eac4584 fatcat:gm427xotf5czvcv5ok5g7lzjeq