Crosstalk-noise-aware bus coding with low-power ground-gated repeaters

Hailong Jiao, Rui Wang, Yifan He
2017 International journal of circuit theory and applications  
Crosstalk noise is one of the serious reliability concerns in nanoscale integrated circuits. Repeater insertion together with shielding wires is a typical method to suppress crosstalk noise associated with global data bus. A new crosstalk-noise-aware bus coding scheme with ground-gated repeaters is proposed in this paper to minimize the routing overhead as well as power consumption of data bus systems. A subset of 4-to-6 crosstalk-noise-aware codes is selected to minimize the number of
more » ... ous data transitions. The routing overhead is reduced by 12.31% with the new bus coding scheme compared to the conventional data bus with shielding wires. Furthermore, the leakage power and worst-case active power consumptions are reduced by 12.5% and 18.26%, respectively, with the new crosstalk-noise-aware data bus system as compared to the previously published bus coding system in an industrial 40nm CMOS technology.
doi:10.1002/cta.2378 fatcat:3wdedtdjufantbc3gh2pqdntri