Addressing spatiotemporal and computational heterogeneity in structured adaptive mesh refinement

Sumir Chandra, Manish Parashar
2006 Computing and Visualization in Science  
Structured adaptive mesh refinement (SAMR) techniques can provide accurate and costeffective solutions to realistic scientific and engineering simulations modeling complex physical phenomena. However, the adaptive nature and inherent space-time heterogeneity of SAMR applications result in significant runtime management challenges. Moreover, certain SAMR applications involving reactive flows exhibit pointwise varying workloads and cannot be addressed by traditional parallelization approaches,
more » ... ch assume homogeneous loads. This paper presents hierarchical partitioning, bin-packing based load balancing, and Dispatch structured partitioning strategies to manage the spatiotemporal and computational heterogeneity in SAMR applications. Experimental evaluation of these schemes using 3-D Richtmyer-Meshkov compressible turbulence and 2-D reactive-diffusion kernels demonstrates the improvement in overall performance.
doi:10.1007/s00791-006-0028-7 fatcat:4cgjjql7uze5rdehxlhga3f6l4