The Representation of Euphemism in Moroccan Societal Discourse

Khalid Ouzguid
2019 Open Journal of Social Sciences  
Individuals are more often involved in the process of exchanging information between one another; they could do so by a shared understanding of symbol systems, that is to say, sharing the same language. This communication process is a typically social and human phenomenon which occurs on a daily basis in anticipation of carrying social experiences to others. It is undeniable that communication may differ from one culture to another. Therefore, the way of speaking varies between individuals
more » ... en individuals according to their social and education backgrounds. Yet, there is all likelihood that individuals tend to soften their language while conversing about certain topics. In this regard, one has to carefully select the efficient and appropriate vocabulary as not to hurt the listener(s). This strategy of softening the language is referred to as "euphemism". The frame of this descriptive paper focuses on casting light on the linguistic and cultural aspects of euphemism in the Moroccan language (Darija). The examples of Moroccan euphemisms which are used in this study are mainly collected from random Moroccan speakers either in the media or other social media. The description of Moroccan Darija implies that most Moroccans tend to play down certain words, or even tend to skip such words and use phonemic replacement, instead.
doi:10.4236/jss.2019.76020 fatcat:u22yxefze5h2hei2bjuxfmuvva