Overview of Blockchain Oracle Research

Giulio Caldarelli
2022 Future Internet  
Whereas the use of distributed ledger technologies has previously been limited to cryptocurrencies, other sectors—such as healthcare, supply chain, and finance—can now benefit from them because of bitcoin scripts and smart contracts. However, these applications rely on oracles to fetch data from the real world, which cannot reproduce the trustless environment provided by blockchain networks. Despite their crucial role, academic research on blockchain oracles is still in its infancy, with few
more » ... tributions and a heterogeneous approach. This study undertakes a bibliometric analysis by highlighting institutions and authors that are actively contributing to the oracle literature. Investigating blockchain oracle research state of the art, research themes, research directions, and converging studies will also be highlighted to discuss, on the one hand, current advancements in the field and, on the other hand, areas that require more investigation. The results also show that although worldwide collaboration is still lacking, various authors and institutions have been working in similar directions.
doi:10.3390/fi14060175 fatcat:wuw3zacjubea3p6dhhehbfapby