Lightweight Data Security Protection Method for AMI in Power Internet of Things

Wenqian Jiang, Zhou Yang, Zhenglei Zhou, Jueyu Chen, Yi-Zhang Jiang
2020 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Aiming at the security problems caused by the access of a large number of new advanced metering system (AMI) equipment and the rapid growth of new business data interaction volume and interaction frequency, a lightweight data security protection method for power Internet of things (IoT) is proposed. Firstly, based on the "cloud-edge-end" AMI system architecture, a multilevel anonymous authentication method is proposed to reduce the complexity of low-end equipment access without reauthentication
more » ... when smart meters and other devices access the system. Then, when fully homomorphic encryption is used for data encryption transmission, the lightweight packet recombination protocol is introduced, the lightweight hash function is used to reduce the calculation cost, and the sliding address window mechanism is used to reduce the packet loss rate. Finally, improved secure multiparty computing (SMPC) is used to achieve frequency hopping data aggregation, using shared key to calculate local shared value for key update, reducing data interaction between massive devices and AMI cloud security server, and improving broadband utilization in data aggregation process. The experiment results indicate that the proposed method obtained better utilization in bandwidth and shorter average data collection completion time. Besides, the proposed method can ensure the information security in the interaction process.
doi:10.1155/2020/8896783 fatcat:vc6ut5ytgbfcxin76t3wgzhkvm