Electronic Links between Hospitals or Clinics and Pharmacies: Structureand Operation of WAKASHIO Pharmacotherapeusis Network

Etsuko NEGISHI, Aizan HIRAI, Noboru YOSHIZAKI, Masaaki YONEZAWA, Tetsuo AKIBA, Koichi Ueno
2003 Yakugaku zasshi  
We developed the WAKASHIO Pharmacotherapeusis Network system. This system electronically links physicians' o‹ces with pharmacies to share clinical records and oŠers the means for real time bi-directional information input. The system is equipped with individual signature (handwriting) recognition protocols to ensure strict enforcement of security and privacy. The network enables front-line pharmacists to access to pertinent clinical records. We performed a series of tests (a"shakedown cruise")
more » ... f the system and examined the role of the pharmacist as a counselor for patient compliance with prescribed therapeutic regimens. The results indicated the following: 1) This system provides an unequivocal means of communication between physicians and pharmacists. 2) This system is useful for judicious resolution of potential problems arising from separation of the domains of prescriber and dispenser. 3) A noteworthyˆnding was that community pharmacists devote substantial time/eŠort to counseling patients concerning their pharmacotherapeutic regimens. 4) Over 80% of patients responded with statements such as"Now I understand my medicines better," and"I am free of anxiety over my medication now." Thus the system provides a powerful tool to promote patient compliance based on pharmacological knowledge. Our future plans for the system include: 1) implementation of an inquiry/ response protocol to enhance risk management; 2) online prescription issuance; and 3) expansion of the database used for patient counseling and improvement of the counseling method. Finally, physician-pharmacist collaboration through the system will contribute to a clear redeˆnition of their respective roles in community medical care services.
doi:10.1248/yakushi.123.191 pmid:12693021 fatcat:azcrm7gbxjfuzl7f22nzzbog7y