Influence of Sparshanam, a medical humanities module and personal and professional development – perspectives of the first batch of medical graduates [post]

Pathiyil Ravi Shankar, Ajaya Kumar Dhakal, Rano Mal Piryani, Devendra Shrestha, Yam Prasad Dwa
2021 unpublished
Medical humanities (MH) programs are common in developed nations. However, in Nepal a developing country in South Asia these programs are not common. A module was conducted for all first-year undergraduate medical students at a medical college in Nepal (2009-2012). This study obtained the perception of the first batch of students about Sparshanam, the MH module and its perceived impact on their personal and professional life. Responses were collected using an online form. Participants'
more » ... ns about the strengths and weaknesses of the module, and the contribution of the module to their personal and professional development was studied. Information about gender, specialization, place, and country of work and marital status was noted. Thirty-nine of the 75 alumni (52%) participated. Teamwork, interactive group sessions and providing a holistic perspective about the patient were the strengths and modules during the clinical years and postgraduate training were recommended. The module enhanced respondents' teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, ability to empathize with patients, and their clinical observation skills. Participants perceived the module to have an important influence of their development. The results from the evaluation of this module by working doctors may serve as a facilitating factor to introduce MH in Nepalese medical schools.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:tofredsfrbhxfg6376oe24kfeq