Penilaian Kinerja dan AKNOP Daerah Irigasi Rawa DR Malind Kabupaten Merauke, Provinsi Papua

Wiryawan Purboyo
<span>The Malind Swamp area (DR. MALIND) of 3,000 Ha is located +60 Km to the Northwest of the city of Merauke. <span>The Malind Swamp area consists of 4 (four) irrigation networks, i.e: Kurik 1 (Rawasari); Kurik 3 (Padang <span>Raharja); Kurik 5 (Suka Maju); and Kumbe. Swamp Irrigation is a supply bussines, regulate and dispose of water <span>through a swamp irrigation network in the agricultural cultivation area. An assessment of the level of performance <span>and the magnitude of the
more » ... ns and Maintenance Number of Need <span>(AKNOP) <span>to be implemented with stages: <span>inventarisation and indentification irrigation networks and water building swamp irrigations; operation and <span>maintenance cost calculation to get <span>AKNOP <span>irrigation networks and swamp irrigation infrastructure buildings.<br /><span>Performance assessment results of DR Malind irrigation network: Kurik 1, bad - network function value 33.56%; <span>Kurik 3, bad - network function value 44.79%; Kurik 5, bad - network function value 42.71%; and Kumbe, bad network function value 14.25%. This shows that the swamp irrigation network in regulating water management <span>or water management in most of the areas is not functioning properly because the canals and most of the water <span>structures are damaged. The total cost of operating and maintaining the DR Malind swamp irrigation area is Rp. <span>5,988,014,824 per year with details: Operating costs = Rp.440,244,960; Routine maintenance costs = Rp. <span>866,924,944; Periodic maintenance costs = Rp. 4,468,844,824; Operating &amp; maintenance costs per Ha = Rp. <span>1,996,005; O&amp;M Cost per-m 'main irrigation channel = Rp.60,947</span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span><br /><br class="Apple-interchange-newline" /></span></span></span></span></span>
doi:10.25105/cesd.v3i1.8018 fatcat:hnslzhfv3rb73fhncsvezar754