Tapping the Power of Shallow-Water Models for Flood Hazard Mapping

Brett F. Sanders, Adam Luke, Jochen Schubert, Kristen Goodrich, David Feldman, Wing Cheung, Danielle Boudreau, Ana Eguiarte, Amir AghaKouchak, Douglas Houston, Victoria Basolo, Richard Matthew
Advances in shallow-water modeling and high performance computing, combined with the increasing availability of fine scale geospatial data, now makes it possible to simulate flooding at spatial and temporal scales comparable to how people experience flooding. This poses enormous opportunities to improve the targeted communication of flood risks and accelerate adoption of vulnerability reduction measures. Here we present collaborative shallow-water modeling of flood hazards with end users, which
more » ... results in hazard maps tailored to local decision-making needs and poised to reduce flood vulnerability within at risk communities.
doi:10.29007/jmm6 fatcat:qe3ehq2n4ncyfmyknrngtwzn5m