Wideband communication system sensitivity to quantization noise

A. Moschitta, D. Petri
IMTC/2002. Proceedings of the 19th IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (IEEE Cat. No.00CH37276)  
The performances of A/D converters are usually characterized in their granular region, by adopting amplitude limited sine-wave testing signals. However, some applications, like digital telecommunication systems, often require the conversion of signals which noticeably differ from sine-waves and may introduce ADC overloading phenomena. In this paper, the A/D conversion of Gaussian distributed signal is investigated, both for PCM and Sigma-Delta converters. Then, the effects of quantization noise
more » ... upon the behavior of a Digital Communication System are considered. By extending previous results, a model is introduced, which describes the BER performance of an OFDM system also in presence of overloading quantization noise, both for PCM and Sigma-Delta A/D converters.
doi:10.1109/imtc.2002.1007104 fatcat:zhfzg6lt55g4xdochau4ezgfgq