TNF- α Level in Saliva as Early Detection of Periodontitis to Prevent Theseverity of Preeclampsia in Pregnant Women

Aulia Ramadhani
2020 Journal of Gynecology and Womens Health  
Periodontitis is a chronic inflammation of periodontal tissue that is often found in the oral cavity. 20-50% of the world's population experiences periodontitis. Pregnant women tend to experience higher alveolar bone resorption due to the changes in estrogen levels. Pregnant women with preeclampsia experience an increase in TNF-α compared to pregnant women in normal circumstances. TNF-α is a protein that can be used as a detection for tissue damage. Objective: To know the role of TNF-α of
more » ... as an early detection of periodontitis to prevent the severity of preeclampsia in pregnant women. Discussion: Periodontitis shows an increase in TNF-α. The higher TNF-α level is found in pregnant women than in postpartum condition. TNF-α levels can worsen the condition of pregnant women due to more inflammation and tissue damage. In preeclampsia, high TNF-α levels can also increase the severity of the condition. Conclusion: In Preeclampsia, there is an increase TNF-α levels which shows the tissue destruction. In pregnant women with periodontitis can make a worst condition to both the fetus and mother, especially in preeclampsia condition.
doi:10.19080/jgwh.2020.19.556014 fatcat:flmuzka2vncjxliksr2ltxpzd4