Mechanical characteristics and functions of fishing rods. (2nd report). Deformation and jumping phenomenon of a beam inclined by about 90.DEG.
釣りざおの力学的特性と機能に関する研究 II 棒を鉛直付近に傾けるときのたわみと跳躍現象

1988 Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering  
Mechanical Characteristics and Functions of Fishing Rods (2nd Report) Deformation and Jumping Phenomenon of a Beam Inclined by about 90•‹ Shimaho MATSUMURA and Yasuo JIMBO This paper deals with large deflections of thin, straight and tapered cantilever beams set up almost vertically. The results are as follows : (1) When a cantilever beam is placed almost vertically, the deformation of the beam is very small for the load lower than a certain critical
doi:10.2493/jjspe.54.519 fatcat:3fpdj3x4ofhajpkn2pscjzcjaq