First Order Analysis of Elevated water Tanks during Seismic activity using v8i

Arbaj Khan, Demrot
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
An Earthquake plays an important role in studying the behavior of structure, since they were used for living and storing purpose. Earthquake shaking depend on the intensity of vibration, the nature of rock, the surface soil type and depth of soil above the bed rock. As we have seen in past many elevated structure were collapsed or damaged during the seismic activity. When there is horizontal ground motion, the tank wall and liquid are subjected to horizontal acceleration. So, in Staad.Pro, we
more » ... in Staad.Pro, we compare all the overhead tanks on the basis of First order analysis by using given parameters for the same capacity (300m 3), height (16m) and bracing interval, and checked that how much displacement is affected during seismic activity(in Zone II and V) due to self weight in empty condition for different shapes of elevated storage tanks like rectangular, circular and Intz type tank.