Optimization of additives for recycling evaluated answer scripts-Microscopic view with Raman fingerprints

Jeyajothi Kalimuthu, S Rajiv, A Aruna, Kumaran Shanmugam
2014 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research   unpublished
Evaluated answer scripts of students should be preserved for few years as document. These answer scripts should be destroyed/recycled after the storage period. Periyar Maniammai University has a recycling unit to process the evaluated answer scripts and generate paper, cardboards and office files for its own use. We have optimized four types of recycling process by adding different additives in our recycling process. In this research work, we have produced recycled paper in first process
more » ... irst process without any additives , in second process using four additives such as Starch, PAC, alum and Rosin, in third process using Corn flour with added additives, in fourth process,using Cotton with added additives. All the four types of recycled paper surface were imaged using scanning electron microscope and Raman signature were measured using Raman Spectrophotometer.