Coupling Leveling Control Based on Fuzzy PID for Synchronous Loading System of Load-Bearing Test Bed

Duquan Zuo, Lixia Qian, Tianen Yang, Xiaojin Cui, Qiang Luo
2017 Chinese journal of electronics  
This paper describes a 4-cylinder hydraulic circuit system controlled by a new cross-coupled fuzzy PID, and its leveling algorithm is designed to meet the demand of the loading system for test bed. In order to enable synchronous loading and implement precise leveling control, the output displacement derived from a theoretical model, called Żn, is tracked in real-time. Using AMEsim software, the reliability of the scheme designed by master-slave control and fuzzy PID cross coupling control have
more » ... een confirmed, and have drawn a conclusion that the more serious the inconsistencies of the load for 4-cylinder are, the more size corresponding synchronization errors will be. Further, leveling experiments have demonstrated that the synchronization performance of leveling system can be improved significantly by adjusting the load values for the 4-cylinder so as to meet the demand of its un-synchronization.
doi:10.1049/cje.2017.07.016 fatcat:3kdw2qre7jb2notux3fzozxuoe