Periodically poled transduction structures built on thinned single crystal Lithium Niobate layers bonded onto Silicon

Emilie Courjon, Gwenn Ulliac, Jérôme Hauden, Sylvain Ballandras
2008 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
Acoustics 08 Paris 4975 The demand for highly coupled high quality acoustic wave devices has generated a strong innovative activity, yielding the investigation of new excitation principles and waveguide structures. In a recent work, we have investigated the interest of periodically poled transducers (PPTs) on single crystal LiNbO 3 Z-cut plates. The PPT simply consists of a periodically poled ferroelectric layer metallized on its two faces for acoutoelectric excitation. In this work, we have
more » ... ricated PPTs on single crystal LiNbO 3 Z-cut thinned layers reported on Silicon to develop a new kind of waveguide. Their fabrication is based on a home-made wafer bonding technique based on a metal-metal adhesion, the lithium niobate being lapped and polished in order to obtain a layer exhibiting a few tenth micrometer thick. The corresponding devices have been successfully fabricated and tested in the frequency range 100-600 MHz. The comparison between experimental measurements and theoretical analysis (using a combination of finite and boundary element analysis) shows that the modes are well controlled and that different kind of wave polarization may be excited.
doi:10.1121/1.2934922 fatcat:txek7us3qjbtljghq55er2evfe