Fast switchable grating based on orthogonal photo alignments of ferroelectric liquid crystals

A. K. Srivastava, Wei Hu, V. G. Chigrinov, A. D. Kiselev, Yan-Qing Lu
2012 Applied Physics Letters  
Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal has advantages of fast switching time, fast response time and high resolution, which are suitable for dynamic gray scale and full color of SSFLC. It can be used for applications such as high definition television which is a common application in our daily life. In this project, two ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) cells are fabricated in photoaligned domain angle of 90°and 45°. Different tests are conducted to compare the optical properties of the FLC cells after
more » ... abrication. The testing parameter are contrast ratio, response time and diffraction efficiency. The investigation on the performance of FLC grating with alignment domain angle of 90°and 45°is done. Aims and Objectives • To design the grating cell on orthogonal alignment of ferroelectric liquid crystal • To produce ESH FLC cells with, fast response time, high diffraction efficiency and high contrast ratio • To produce photo-aligned FLC grating cells with alignment domain angle of 90 o and 45 o • To compare the diffraction efficiency , contrast ratio and response time of the 90 o and 45 o grating cells Aim Methodology In our project, we would conduct two exposure steps for the alignment layer. After the first exposure step, we would add a mask on the alignment layer so that the cell could have two different patterns. The cell will be rotated in different angle in order to obtain a different alignment patterns in the second exposure. In the below figure, the left part is the photoalignment of the 90 o grating cell and the middle one is the photo-alignment of the 45 o grating cell.
doi:10.1063/1.4737642 fatcat:ayhxz723rnfyvh6eykzp2itnum