Impact evaluation of a slush stock chest bypass installed at Scott Paper Company under the energy $avings plan [report]

M.A. Oens, G.E. Spanner
1995 unpublished
Program. The project consists of installing an adjustable speed drive, a 74.6 kW (100 hp) pump, a re-sized impeller, and piping modifications to bypass the slush stock chest and related equipment. The objective of this impact evaluation was to assess how much electrical energy is being saved at Scott Paper as a result of the E$P and to determine how much the savings cost Bonneville and the region. The impact of the project was evaluated with a combination of engineering analysis, financial
more » ... sis, interviews, and submittal reviews (Scott Paper's proposal and completion report). / , Based on this impact evaluation, energy savings from this project are expected to be 763,600 kilowatt-hourdyear (kWh/yr) or 0.087 average megawatts (aMW). On a per-ton basis, this project will save 4.64 kWh/ton or 39.2%. The project cost $120,098 to install, and Scott Paper received payment of $82,232 (in 1993 dollars) from Bohneville for the acquisition of energy savings. Pacific Northwest Laboratory calculated the real levelized cost of the energy savings to Bonneville as 14.2 mills/kWh (in 1993 dollars) over the'project's assumed 15-year life, and the real levelized cost to the region as 21.9 mills/kWh, not including transmission and distribution effects. The project would not have been implemented without the acquisition payment from Bonneville and therefore is not a free . rider. iii M S T E -E)ISTRIBUTIOM OF THIS DOCUMENT IS UNLIMITED 3 5 I Contents ,
doi:10.2172/79063 fatcat:75palx66m5gvfdodfofhmj7ram