PET imaging of (86)Y-labeled anti-Lewis Y monoclonal antibodies in a nude mouse model: comparison between (86)Y and (111)In radiolabels

A Lövqvist, J L Humm, A Sheikh, R D Finn, J Koziorowski, S Ruan, K S Pentlow, A Jungbluth, S Welt, F T Lee, M W Brechbiel, S M Larson
2001 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
At 2 d after injection of (111)In-hu3S193 and (86)Y-hu3S193 radioimmunoconjugates, the uptake of (111)In and (86)Y activity was generally similar in most tissues. After 4 d, however, the concentration of (86)Y activity was significantly higher in several tissues, including tumor and bone tissue. Accordingly, the quantitative information offered by PET, combined with the presumably identical biodistribution of (86)Y and (90)Y radiolabels, should enable more accurate absorbed dose estimates in
more » ... ose estimates in (90)Y radioimmunotherapy.
pmid:11483692 fatcat:voqyxvtgcjgqlh5ea6pdejgy74