Performance Evaluation of Geological Disaster Relief Operations in China using SBM-DEA Methodology [post]

pengfei bai, ruifang La, Qianqian Duan
2021 unpublished
Geological disasters have caused enormous damage to human beings and the economy in China. Chinese government pay great effort on geological disaster relief. Usually, the efficiency of the disaster rescue is the first priority to be considered. Takeing the historical analysis of China's geological disaster rescue as the main line ,in this paper, we developed a slacks-based measure data envelopment analysis (SBM-DEA) model to evaluate the performance of 18 geological disasters relief during
more » ... 2019 in China, which are used to examine the performance of the geological disasters rescue activities. The results show that though the capabilities of geo-disaster relief is continuous improvement from 2015 to 2019, China's geological disasters rescue system is still at the primary stage. Especially, the efficiency of landslide rescue operation is pretty low. We analysis the factors influencing the efficiency and provide several suggestions for capacity improvement of geo-disasters rescue.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:7cw74tofhfcn3icnm6wnajsi6i