Nuclear Forward Scattering of Synchrotron Radiation byRu99

D. Bessas, D. G. Merkel, A. I. Chumakov, R. Rüffer, R. P. Hermann, I. Sergueev, A. Mahmoud, B. Klobes, M. A. McGuire, M. T. Sougrati, L. Stievano
2014 Physical Review Letters  
We measured nuclear forward scattering spectra utilizing the 99 Ru transition, 89.571(3) keV, with a notably mixed E2=M1 multipolarity. The extension of the standard evaluation routines to include mixed multipolarity allows us to extract electric and magnetic hyperfine interactions from 99 Ru-containing compounds. This paves the way for several other high-energy Mössbauer transitions, E ∼ 90 keV. The high energy of such transitions allows for operando nuclear forward scattering studies in real devices.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.113.147601 pmid:25325660 fatcat:vwzylbzo5nbbxlr7ua5thdf47i