Assessing the benefits for the distribution system of a scheduling of flexible residential loads

Benoit Mattlet, Jean-Claude Maun
2016 2016 IEEE International Energy Conference (ENERGYCON)  
Policy makers foster the use of clean, renewable electricity generators. These mainly decentralized, small units with intermittent output are in conflict with the current power grid control infrastructure. Demand response, the active participation of the demand side, is a promising option for efficient and reliable operation of future power systems. Today, demand response programs focus mainly on large industrial time of completing this work. First, I thank my supervisor Prof. Dr. Hartmut
more » ... k for the advice and guidance, but also for the freedom to develop my ideas. In addition, I am very thankful to Prof. Dr. Chistof Weinhardt, Prof. Dr. Wolf Fichtner, and Prof. Dr. Marc Wouters for their valuable comments and suggestions and their service on my thesis committee. Further, I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues at the FZI and KIT. Enriching discussions and constant questioning of my ideas, but also their encouragement enabled my successful doctoral project. In particular, I want to mention the following (former) colleagues and friends: Birger Becker for the fruitful cooperation in organizing the department IIK. David Dauer for efficient project collaboration. Christoph Flath for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for research and for the Bavarian ant. Johannes Gärttner for his interest and accuracy in formalization. Jens Ilg for the crash course in project management. Fabian Kern for the backing on the home stretch. Manuel Lösch for the never-ending enthusiasm in highly sophisticated technologies. Ingo Mauser for meaningful feedback and for sharing an office in good and in bad times. Fredy Rios for the verve to discuss and for trying the chilli. Alexander Schuller for the patience and persistence in pursuing research. Sebastian Steuer for the conversations on flexible loads and for the tea. I am also thankful to my friends for the support over the years and the time spend on life's pleasures beyond research. Especially I want to thank Anders, Andrea,
doi:10.1109/energycon.2016.7513932 fatcat:escshojow5bqjg6u7arq67p4iq