D-mesons: In-medium effects at FAIR

L. Tolós, J. Schaffner-Bielich, H. Stöcker
2006 Physics Letters B  
The D-meson spectral density at finite temperature is obtained within a self-consistent coupled-channel approach. For the bare meson-baryon interaction, a separable potential is taken, whose parameters are fixed by the position and width of the Λ_c (2593) resonance. The quasiparticle peak stays close to the free D-meson mass, indicating a small change in the effective mass for finite density and temperature. Furthermore, the spectral density develops a considerable width due to the
more » ... el structure. Our results indicate that the medium modifications for the D-mesons in nucleus-nucleus collisions at FAIR (GSI) will be dominantly on the width and not, as previously expected, on the mass.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2006.02.045 fatcat:h4i4gal3mzhntiit2ay376db6u