Synthesis and Characterization of Some Heterocyclic Compounds from Chalcone Derivatives and Studying of their Biological Activity

Lina Saadi, Shaimaa Adna, Lina Saadi
In this work a preliminary step was preparation of 1-(3-((1H-imidazol-2-yl)diazenyl)phenyl)ethan-1-one (1) via coupling of diazonium salt of m-amino acetophenone with imidazole in alkaline alcoholic media which is followed to condensation with different aromatic aldehydes (p-tolualdehyde ,4-dimethyl amino benzaldehyde) by aldol condensation in the presence of base in ethanol to give chalcones derivatives (2,3), that consider as excellent starting material for synthesis of many heterocyclic
more » ... y heterocyclic derivatives through its reaction with (hydrazine ,phenyl hydrazine ,2,4 dinitrophenyl hydrazine) to get pyrazol derivatives (4-9), likewise (2,3) react with hydroxylamine hydrochloride to get isoxazole (10,11), also (2,3) react with (urea, tiourea) to get oxazine and thiazine derivatives (12-15) , as well (2,3) react with (ethyl cyanoacetate, malononitrile) to get pyridine derivatives (16-19) ,too (2,3) react with guanidine hydrochloride to get pyrimidine derivatives (20,21). All these compounds characterized by means of FT-IR, 1 H-NMR, and 13C-NMR, and follow reaction by Rf-TLC and measurements melting points. After that we studied the biological activity for all prepared compounds to ward two types of bacteria.