Zirconium phosphate nano-platelets: a novel platform for drug delivery in cancer therapy

Agustín Díaz, Vipin Saxena, Julissa González, Amanda David, Barbara Casañas, Carrie Carpenter, James D. Batteas, Jorge L. Colón, Abraham Clearfield, M. Delwar Hussain
2012 Chemical Communications  
Fig. S1. Idealized structures of the alpha phases of zirconium phosphate: a) α-ZrP showing one of the pseudohexagonal zeolite cavities created by the arrangement of the layers; b) α-ZrP showing the unit cell; c) α-ZrP showing a dissection of the layer structure showing their dimension and the spatial arrangement of the layer components.
doi:10.1039/c2cc16218k pmid:22218458 fatcat:rvc7wtxg4vh5nickjg5b2hmhve