The Akimotoite--Majorite--Bridgmanite Triple Point Determined in Large Volume Press and Laser-Heated Diamond Anvil Cell [post]

Britany Kulka, Jonathan Dolinschi, Kurt Leinenweber, Vitali Prakapenka, Sang-Heon Shim
2019 unpublished
The akimotoite--majorite--bridgmanite (Ak--Mj--Bm) triple point in MgSiO3 has been measured in large-volume press (LVP; COMPRES 8/3 assembly) and laser-heated diamond anvil cell (LHDAC). For the LVP data, we calculated pressures from the calibration by Leinenweber (2012). For the LHDAC data, we conducted \textit{in situ} determination of pressure at high temperature using the Pt scale by Dorogokupets and Dewaele (2007) at synchrotron. The measured temperatures of the triple point are in good
more » ... eement between LVP and LHDAC at 1990-2000 K. However, the pressure for the triple point determined from the LVP is 3.9+/-0.6~GPa lower than that from the LHDAC dataset. The triple point determined through these experiments will provide an important reference point in the pressure-temperature space for future high-pressure experiments and allow mineral physicists to compare the pressure--temperature conditions measured in these two different experimental methods.
doi:10.20944/preprints201912.0177.v1 fatcat:o7avbckomrfs3knrc6vh45wajy