Protective Effects of Allium Cepa on Testis of Rats Exposed to GlyPhosate

Naglaa Sarg, Samia Manawy, Kamal Kamal
2019 The Egyptian Journal of Anatomy  
Glyphosate (N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine) is one of the most widely used organophosphorus herbicides. Allium cepa (AcE), popularly known as onion, has been reported to have an antioxidant properties in both rats and human. Aim of Study: Is to investigate the histological, and immunohistochemical effects of Glyphosate (GP) as an Organophosphrous compound (OPC) on rat testis and to assess the protective effect of Allium cepa on testis of rats exposed to glyphosate. Materials and Methods: This study
more » ... included 30 adult male Albino rats divided into 3groups. Group I (Control group): Each rat received distilled water(0.2 ml/day). Group II: Each rat received glyphosate at a dose of 125 mg /kg, body weight. Group III: Each rat was given Allium cepa (AcE) 1 ml/100 g BW two hours before administration of GP at a dose of 125 mg /kg body weight. All the drugs as well as distilled water were given daily by oral gavages for 30days. Results: The study had demonstrated that glyphosate caused a degeneration of all layers of the germ cells, congestion of the blood vessels, and increased of the collagen fibers in the capsule . Immunohistochemical results showed a decrease in the expression of the antiapoptotic protein(Bcl2). Allium cepa administration partially ameliorated the degeneration effect of glyphosate on the seminiferous tubules. Conclusion: Allium Cepa protects the testis from the toxic effect of glyphosate.
doi:10.21608/ejana.2019.251309 fatcat:pfzqxbckobhbpnqaoprkja4joy