Noise Adaptive and Similarity Based Switching Median Filter for Salt & Pepper Noise

2018 Balkan Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering  
Works have been conducted recently to remove high intensity salt & pepper noise by virtue of adaptive and switching median filters. One of the cited works is the Noisy Adaptive Fuzzy Switching Median Filter (NAFSM) by which the noisy pixels are detected through utilization of image histogram. Noiseless pixels are left unprocessed while noisy pixels are passed through the noise adaptive median filter which expands for them. A filter mechanism which performs decision making in line with local
more » ... larity and similarity has been proposed for NAFSM. Local similarity information in 3x3 mask has been used for filtering mechanism in the study titled Noise Adaptive and Similar Based Switching Median Filter (NASBSM). Two thresholds with three regions were made by virtue of local similarity information. The logic of the approach was based on more intensive filtering for noisy pixels with high similarity value with neighboring pixels and less for those with less similarity value with neighboring pixels. According to the numerical and visual simulation results of the NASBSM mechanism, it was detected that it eliminates noises with high density.
doi:10.17694/bajece.410249 fatcat:wvet6ubcwjdqjfoyt5thojwfyq