Synthesis and mechanical properties of TiB2/Ti2AlN composites fabricated by hot pressing sintering

Shuai LU, Xiaoqiang LI, Youfu ZHOU, Wentao XU, Junrong LING, Wei PAN
2018 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  
TiB 2 /Ti 2 AlN composites with different proportions were successfully fabricated through solid state reaction of Ti/Al/AlN/BN powders and subsequent hot pressing sintering. The reaction mechanism, microstructures and mechanical properties of the composites were investigated. The Vickers hardness of the samples ascended with increases in the TiB 2 content and reached the highest value of 11.32 « 0.12 GPa at a TiB 2 /Ti 2 AlN mole ratio of 1:2 (M2T1). TiB 2 /Ti 2 AlN composites with a mole
more » ... of 1:3 (M3T1) and 1:4 (M4T1) exhibited the maximum flexural strength of 497 « 15 MPa and the highest fracture toughness of 9.52 « 0.14 MPa·m 1/2 , respectively, which are 1.3 times and 1.8 times that of pure Ti 2 AlN (MT0) ceramic.
doi:10.2109/jcersj2.18060 fatcat:4s3sw23hfbdodioa62ubyrzxtm