Dynamics of the rumor-spreading model with hesitation mechanism in heterogenous networks and bilingual environment

Shuai Yang, Haijun Jiang, Cheng Hu, Juan Yu, Jiarong Li
2020 Advances in Difference Equations  
In this paper, a novel rumor-spreading model is proposed under bilingual environment and heterogenous networks, which considers that exposures may be converted to spreaders or stiflers at a set rate. Firstly, the nonnegativity and boundedness of the solution for rumor-spreading model are proved by reductio ad absurdum. Secondly, both the basic reproduction number and the stability of the rumor-free equilibrium are systematically discussed. Whereafter, the global stability of rumor-prevailing
more » ... ilibrium is explored by utilizing Lyapunov method and LaSalle's invariance principle. Finally, the sensitivity analysis and the numerical simulation are respectively presented to analyze the impact of model parameters and illustrate the validity of theoretical results.
doi:10.1186/s13662-020-03081-2 fatcat:va7w6ywfgbdjplqtnsteiekbwy