Repeatability of i.Profiler for Measuring Wavefront Aberrations in Healthy Eyes [post]

Xuan Liao, Mei-Jie Wang, Qing-Qing Tan, Chang-Jun Lan
2021 unpublished
Purpose To evaluate the repeatability of wavefront aberration measurements and the correlation between corneal aberration and pupil size in normal eyes using a wavefront-based autorefractor (i.ProfilerPlus; Carl Zeiss Vision, Germany). Methods A prospective cross-sectional study. Wavefront aberrations, including SA (Z40), coma (Z3 − 1, Z31), trefoil (Z3 − 3, Z33) and total higher-order aberrations (tHOA), were measured at different pupil diameters. The repeatability was evaluated using one-way
more » ... ated using one-way ANOVA method, and statistical indicators including within-subject standard deviation (Sw), test-retest repeatability (TRT), and intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC). The correlations between corneal aberrations and pupil sizes were evaluated by Pearson correlation analysis. Results A total of 96 healthy young volunteers were enrolled. Corneal and ocular higher-order aberrations (HOA) measured by i.Profiler showed Sw<0.01µm, TRT < 0.10µm, ICC > 0.90. There was a linear positive correlation between the corneal HOA and pupil size. The correlation coefficient between SA and tHOA was the largest (r = 0.996, P < 0.001). Conclusions The measurements of wavefront aberrations by i.Profiler are highly repeatable. Corneal HOA is significantly dependent on pupil size. SA is the most influential aberration for visual quality.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:3fjcntmfrzbbpmsb5zugqo5bqi